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Winter Wellness Blend 25% OFF

Winter Wellness Blend 25% OFF

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This Bundle comes with a 1-30 ml bottle of Tea Tree, 1-10 ml bottle of Frankincense, and 2-10 ml bottles of Oregano essential oils (nebulizer included only with the Winter Wellness Gift Set). These are the best essential oils that everyone should have in their general wellness kit to prevent and treat cold and flu, respiratory infections, and other weather-related ailments. 

Particularly Oregano oil has been recognized by numerous studies and medical journals as the most powerful and potent natural antibiotic. If you want to learn more about the power of Oregano oil as a natural antibiotic, head over to our blog to learn more.   Frankincense oil helps the body detox at a cellular level by assisting with white cell production, which is our body's main defense -thus addressing and fighting the inflammation associated with any kind of infection. It's also great for relaxation any time during the day as it doesn't make you sleepy as lavender would.
Australian Tea Tree oil has been well known as a powerhouse "medicine in a bottle" due to its antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties. Every household should have this oil in their natural medicine kit. Download your FREE ebook "87 Uses & Benefits of Tea Tree Oil" to learn all about this miraculous oil.  For all these oils benefits check out the product page for each oil individually. Suggested use:
Diffuse these oils individually or mix them. When diffused together in a nebulizer, we suggest the following blend ratio: 
Tea Tree- 24 drops
Frankincense- 10 drops
Oregano- 15 drops

The benefits and uses of these essential oils are numerous. Please click on the link for each oil to read the full description. 

The gift of health and wellness is the best gift of all because it's the gift that keeps on giving! 
But if you truly want to benefit from the power of essential oils for your health and well-being, it's not enough to use the highest-quality essential oils, you also must know how to choose the best diffusing device to maximize their full health potential.  
Before you waste any more money on essential oils, learn WHY it matters to know the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS to maximize their benefits for your health and your pocket. 

Learn more about the HUGE difference between NEBULIZERS and DIFFUSERS

What you'll get when you add our NEBULIZER to the Wellness Blend: 


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    Make the most of this essential oil with our powerful cold air nebulizer. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and enjoy the spa-like energy, at home.