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Herba Vera Organics

Essential Oil Nebulizer Diffuser

Essential Oil Nebulizer Diffuser

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If you want to benefit from the power of essential oils for your health and well-being, you've come to the right place. It's not enough to use the highest-quality essential oils, you MUST know how to choose the best diffusing device if you want to maximize their full health benefits.

Before you waste any more money on expensive essential oils, learn about the HUGE difference between NEBULIZERS and DIFFUSERS and why it matters for your health and your pocket.

 What you'll get when you purchase our NEBULIZER: Always FREE SHIPPING on each nebulizer.

    • BEST THERAPEUTIC EFFECT GUARANTEED for our NEBULIZER: The difference between a cold air nebulizer diffuser and other diffusers is heat which is the enemy of essential oils! Essential oils are very delicate and volatile. When heated, their therapeutic benefits are destroyed. Most diffusers heat the essential oils by adding water to assist in the evaporation process. Furthermore, scents diffused through any methods that involve heat do NOT disperse well in large areas nor does their scent last long as the heavy oil molecules fall down as they come in contact with the cool air. This means you're losing money on expensive essential oils that get wasted without getting any health benefits from them. 
    • BEST QUALITY OIL DIFFUSER ON THE MARKET, GUARANTEED: Our diffusing nebulizer is made from the best quality materials: unbreakable food-grade aluminum, and high-quality anti-corrosive parts made in Japan. It does not change the chemistry of the oil by heating it or exposing it to plastic or metal parts like regular diffusers or humidifiers. The nebulizing diffuser has a small pump that uses air to disperse the oil, and a glass nebulizer bottle attached to it in which to break the oil particles into a fine mist that will stay airborne for a long time.

      The nebulizer also ionizes the oil particles, making them more therapeutic vs humidifiers or regular diffusers which don’t do that.

      The cheaper, low-quality diffusers only distribute a weak aroma from the essential oils without any therapeutic benefits. The Nanotechnology component in our device is the most revolutionary system in the scenting industry, which uses high amounts of air pressure to compress oil molecules into a VERY LIGHTWEIGHT, dry mist of oil nanoparticles. The cold air diffusion technology in our diffusing Nebuizer ensures consistent and subtle scenting without high or low points in the scenting process. Check the reviews from our happy customers.
    • SELF-CLEANING =NO MESS: The cheaper diffusers require to be cleaned with soap and water which is a big no-no. As soap leaves residue inside the diffuser, that will eventually clog it even worse, and destroy it in the long run. Our Nebulizer doesn't require water or soap-EVER! All you need to do is fill 1/3 of the nebulizer bottle with any type of rubbing alcohol, program it with the remote control to diffuse for 1 hour once a week, and then leave it alone to run=aka self-clean. This literally takes 30 seconds to do- it's really that simple and makes no mess! If you clean your nebulizer with alcohol once a week, you'll enjoy it for many years and it will run in great working condition without having to repair or replace it.
    • UNIQUE FEATURES: Advanced NANOtechnology nebulizes micro-fine Essential Oil vapor without the use of heat or water. The oil nanoparticles leave neither residue NOR fall unto furniture and floors like the cheaper diffusers, which use water and heat. Learn more HERE about the HUGE difference in oil mist distribution from a Nebulizer vs a diffuser. The remote control with built-in timers gives the option to control the scent intensity levels with the push of a button. 3-group timing variations: 1 hr, 4 hrs, and 8 hrs/day with automatic/programmable shut off. The level of aroma intensity could be set to work continuously as follows: 30/30-30 seconds on, 30 seconds off; 30/60- 30 seconds on, 60 seconds off; 30/120 - 30 seconds on, 120 seconds off. Portable, slick and compact, stylish and whisper-quiet- perfect for home, office, yoga studio, office room, dentist room, etc. Powerful, effective, and easy to use, it also comes with an instructions manual.
    • MAXIMUM USE FOR A LONG TIME: our diffusing nebulizer could work continuously for 8 hrs/day 5 times/week for a total of 2080 hrs/year without clogging or any other problems. Most diffusers stop working after a few months and end up in landfills. If cared for properly, our diffuser will last for many, many years.
    • MINIMAL OIL CONSUMPTION: BEST RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT: Super efficient, our nebulizer only uses a very small amount of oil- 1 ml/hour!! The exact length of time will depend on the chosen on/off times, the density of the aroma, and most importantly on the quality of the essential oil. Other nebulizing diffusers use almost 5 times more essential oils than ours. With our diffusing Nebulizer, you'll save money on essential oils and recoup your investment in less than 5 months.
    • 1-YEAR WARRANTY+ Post Warranty Service: we believe in the quality of our product so much that we offer a long warranty+ paid repair services to US customers only. This is the only aromatherapy device on the market with the longest warranty. Cheap diffusers don't come with a warranty or if they do, it's only covered for a few months as they don't last too long before they end up in the trash.  
    • PRODUCT SPECS: Coverage: approx. 1000 sqft · Weight: 3 lb· Dimensions: 3" Diameter x 10.8" Tall · ONE Bottle: 30 ml AMBER GLASS bottle. Additional glass bottles for use with different oils and accessories for our nebulizer can be purchased on our website if needed. Check out the listing below.
    • Amber Glass Bottles for Herba Vera Nebulizer-30 ml each-set of 4 bottles

    • Unbreakable, sustainable material: food-grade Aluminum shell, 2 mm thick, strong and durable, corrosion-resistant. Air pump: Japanese high-quality pump, one of the most powerful and very high quality. 8,000 hours life span, energy saving, unlike the copies used in other diffusers, which only have a 200-300 hours life span. ·O-ring, durable and not easy to break, preventing oil leaking. Each unit comes with an extra ring.
    • Nebulizer parts-made of high-quality anti-corrosion resistant materials with unique structure, super quiet, and bigger mist, with a small filter inside which prevents oil particles from being jammed and clogging the diffuser. · Built-in timer with 3-group timing variations.
    • Remote control provides scent density control and programs working time and work/pause interval so that it saves energy and also protects the environment =win-win! It also has a memory function, so you don't need to repeatedly adjust. With programmed timing, the diffuser will work intermittently and stop working according to your settings, saving energy and money on oil usage. 
    • ACT NOW: GIVE yourself or a loved one the gift of health WITH A TRULY HIGH QUALITY and UNIQUE DIFFUSER that will last for many years. FREE SHIPPING on each nebulizer! 


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