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Amber Glass Bottles for Herba Nebulizer-30 ml Each (Set of 4 inside a Hard-Shell Travel Case)

Amber Glass Bottles for Herba Nebulizer-30 ml Each (Set of 4 inside a Hard-Shell Travel Case)

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Set of 4 empty glass amber bottles of 30 ml each specifically designed to be used with the Herba Terra Nebulizer. The 4 empty bottles come packaged in a beautiful vegan leather hard-shell case that protects glass from breaking easily. Each bottle comes with a black safety cap with a thread that fits into the nebulizer. The bottle features a DISTINCT MARK -a LINE on the exterior that INDICATES THE MAXIMUM LEVEL of essential oil that could be poured into the bottle for diffusing. Please DO NOT fill the bottle ABOVE this line, because it will block the diffusing process. This is the perfect size bottle for mixing different essential oils and diffusing them as a blend with our nebulizer!! 

The empty bottles are convenient to use as they eliminate the need to empty the oil inside the original bottle that comes with the nebulizer if you want to change the aroma diffused into the air. By switching only the bottles instead of emptying the essential oil from the bottle and refilling it with a different oil is a much easier and more convenient way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy from the comfort of your home.

These 4 empty bottles are shipped in an attractive hard case made of vegan leather to prevent glass breakage during shipping. This material also allows for easy cleaning without having to worry about oil stains or breakage (such as those fabric cases).

Each zippered case has a black liner inside and also 4 PLUS 6 elastic bands that could hold EITHER:

 - 2 bottles of 100 ml,

- 4 oil bottles of 30 ml,

- 6 oil bottles of 5 -to 15 ml-which are very convenient when you need to carry oil bottles of different sizes.

The oil case measuring only 8 x 4.5 x 2 inches is small enough for carrying in a purse on a regular basis as well as for traveling. Now you can take your oils or any liquids anywhere in this spill and break-proof, very attractive, and gender-neutral smokey blue case for travel. Happy diffusing! 


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