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  Enhance your immunity, your skin and your home with our USDA certified organic Orange oil and Tea Tree!

Due to their antibacterial properties and fresh, strong scent both Orange and Tea tree oil are used as a mouthwash and added to acne treatments, shampoo, beauty products like lotions just to name a few.

In your home, you can add a few drops to all your cleaners to make your home smell heavenly fresh and delicious. ORANGE OIL can also be added as a flavor enhancer in your drinks, recipes, and homemade juices. Find out more about this deliciously scented oil HERE.

Well known as the “medicine in a bottle” TEA TREE OIL is recognized for its numerous benefits for hundreds of years. If there’s one essential oil each household should have, then Tea Tree oil is the best; it’s one of the most versatile oils and it can be used directly on the skin (undiluted) because it’s not as irritating as other oils. 

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