Travel Kit Bundle

Travel Kit Bundle

There's no time like vacation time, and the very last thing you want when you travel is to feel sick. These heavenly scented essential oils will keep your health and your energy level in check, so if you want to maximize every moment during your trip, this kit with Rose Geranium, Peppermint, and Lavender is a MUST have piece in your luggage.

This bundle contains:

1 bottle of Geranium, Rose (30 ml)

1 bottle of Peppermint (30 ml)

1 bottle of Lavender (30 ml)

Geranium, Rose is the best oil to have with you for jet lag. It helps resynchronize body’s clock by rebalancing hormones. During your trip inhale directly from the bottle, or place a drop on each wrist or behind each ear. Also, you can put a few drops into a necklace diffuser and wear it throughout your flight and also on the first days of your trip. Geranium can also be used to treat chills, bruises, cramps, dry flaky skin, and blisters. Mix a few drops of the oil with coconut oil or a similar odorless oil and massage into the areas concerned.
Peppermint is an absolute must-have when you travel; it’s extremely versatile as it helps with a multitude of symptoms that may be more common when we travel. Peppermint can help with things such as vomiting, indigestion, constipation, continental tummy, travel sickness, toothache, headaches, fever, sunburn, heat exposure, and ultimately physical exhaustion. Dilute 1 drop into a quarter of water or less and drink it to help with all the digestion issues, inhale it directly from the bottle or wear it with a necklace diffuser. For a toothache, the first thing you would do is swish around sea salt and water in your mouth for two minutes. Next, mix peppermint oil (and possibly coconut oil if you’re using the mixture for a small child) and rub it directly on the area. You’ll get some pain relief very quickly.
Lavender’s ability to help you relax and sleep has been well documented in many research studies. If you want to feel rested, be able to sleep well during your flight as well as during your vacation so you can be more rested and make the most of your trip, you definitely want to pack some lavender in your suitcase. It’s also good for animal bites, bruises, cuts, and more, and you could apply it directly on the skin or slightly diluted with a vegetable oil. To help you relax or sleep, wear it with a necklace diffuser or put a few drops on cotton balls which you can place between your pillows and on your nightstands.
So next time take these wonderful oils with you to ensure your travel plans go smoothly, so you can make the most of your time away from home!
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