The Truth vs hype about aromatherapy

The Difference Between Aromatherapy Truth and Hype-Things You Should Know

I’m sure you’ve heard about aromatherapy more often recently, but what is aromatherapy anyway? For 99% of you who probably know this already, but please allow me to briefly explain what it is NOT because there’s a lot of misguided information about aromatherapy, some of which is intentional, and you need to know about this for your own health.

Aromatherapy is NOT about diffusing just any kind of aromas into the air as some spas do today unfortunately for the pleasant smell only. Let me explain. Products that include synthetic ingredients are frowned upon in the holistic therapy industry.

Perfume oils such as fragrance oils (and usually listed as FRAGRANCE on an ingredient label) are NOT to be confused with aromatherapy, which is only about using essential oils. Please remember that every time you read the word FRAGRANCE on a label that is cosmetic industry's code for “artificial perfume” = aka chemicals. Fragrance oils contain synthetic ingredients and provide NONE of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, moreover they can be toxic to animals and people.

The use of word aromatherapy on packaging, labeling or advertising is not regulated in the US. So anyone could sell and market any products as suitable for aromatherapy. So please be cautious when you see labels that read, “Made with essential oils” or “Made with Natural Ingredients” because these are masking the fact that most of the product is made with artificial ingredients and only a fraction of the product includes a few drops of the essential oil/organic pure ingredient so they could make the claim that is was “made with essential oils”.

Claims like these do not clarify that the product is only made with the ingredient(s) specified but rather say that that particular product was made with essential oils, to which other ingredients were added. When a product is made ONLY with an essential oil, the label should read, “made ONLY with 100% pure essential oils”.

Now don’t let this scare you away from the benefits of holistic aromatherapy. By doing your own research online it’s easier to find some good, 100% pure essential oils and start gaining the benefits of aromatherapy. Inhaling essential oils into the lungs, your skin pores and your brain offers psychological and physical and benefits.

The aroma of the pure essential oil stimulates the brain to trigger a reaction, and when inhaled into the lungs, the natural constituents (naturally occurring chemicals) can also supply therapeutic benefits. Diffusing tea tree oil to help ease coughing or allergies is such an example.

So please keep in mind that not all ready-made aromatherapy products labeled with the word aromatherapy are pure and natural; in fact, most of them are pseudo-products that claim to be beneficial for aromatherapy use. Products that contain artificial ingredients do not provide any aromatherapy benefits. On the contrary, their chemical ingredients could be harmful when inhaled especially over long periods of time.

So make sure you always buy only essential oils that are 100% pure. Otherwise, you won’t get any therapeutic benefits. To ensure your oils are 100% pure, don't just believe what it says on the label, as many companies today will say anything they want to make more money because they can. The only way for to know for sure if your oils are pure is to buy them with the USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC because the oils with the USDA logo are rigurously test and verified before they get the organic seal approval.


So how exactly does aromatherapy works? Aromatherapy massage is one popular way of using essential oils because it works in several ways at the same time. Your skin absorbs essential oils and you also breathe them in. Plus, you experience the physical therapy of the massage itself.

Experts believe our sense of smell may play a role. The "smell" receptors in your nose communicate with parts of your brain (the amygdala and hippocampus) that serve as storehouses for emotions and memories. When you breathe in essential oil molecules, some researchers believe they stimulate these parts of your brain and influence physical, emotional, and mental health.

For example, scientists believe lavender stimulates the activity of brain cells in the amygdala similar to the way some sedative medications work. Other researchers think that molecules from essential oils may interact in the blood with hormones or enzymes. Therefore the best and easiest method of benefiting from aromatherapy is by diffusing essential oils through a nebulizer or a diffuser ( the later is much, much less effective than a nebulizer, though).

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I don’t want you to waste your hard earned money on oils of lesser quality and not get the results you expect. And speaking of expectations, the same is true for oil diffusers. All of them leave residue on your furniture, which means that precious and pure essential oil which you spent a lot of money on will get wasted on your furniture and your floors instead of getting into your lungs where it belongs

And this is the reason, my friends, why the Herba Nebulizer has a nanotechnology component, which no other nebulizers or diffusers on the market have today. This revolutionary nanotechnology is a game changer when it comes to diffusers and aromatherapy. You probably know this by now if you read our product description in detail, but it’s worth repeating anyway.

Nanotechnology gives you GUARANTEED virtually all the therapeutic benefits from your essential oils by breaking down the oil into teeny, tiny particles, so the diffuser distributes every little drop into the air.  

Now, this does NOT happen with those traditional diffusers that people buy at their local retailers. When the essential oil is diffused using traditional diffusers, the oil particles that are mixed with water become heavy and fall back on top of furniture instead of being distributed completely into the air. This, my friend, leaves residue on furniture and any surface and stops them from inhaling most of the oil into their lungs – where it belongs.

While they may get a sweet aroma in the air from other diffusers, they are still missing out on the therapeutic benefits you find out about through the mind-blowing goodness of nanotechnology.

Another important aspect to consider is the big savings on oil you’ll get from the Herba Nebulizer compared to other people who use regular diffusers or nebulizers without the nanotechnology component. Sharing is caring, so if you like this information, please feel free to share it with all your loved ones or other people who may need some guidance and need to improve their health. 


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