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The #1 Essential Oil Everyone Should Have

Let’s talk about the benefits of this miraculous oil- Tea Tree oil

Tea Tree oil’s camphorous scent with its earthy overtones is clean and compelling -and its benefits truly have the merit of being recognized by those who know enough about it as a true natural "medicine in a bottle". That's why we came up with a 15 pages e-guide filled with 87 different uses and benefits of this single miraculous oil, which in our opinion doesn't get enough credit since no any other essential oil has as many uses as Tea Tree oil does.  Keep on reading to find out more...

Authentic Australian Tea Tree oil has prized the world over for its health, household, and cosmetic benefits -- so much so that there are a tremendous number of copycats out there on the market and products that erroneously claim to have “real” Tea Tree oil in them. 

The original, genuine Tea Tree, or Melaleuca Alternifolia in the Latin, is native to Australia, so when you buy it look for the one sourced from its native country. Its pale yellow oil is obtained by carefully steaming the leaves, which allows the natural, organic chemicals called terpenoids to be preserved. Terpenoids are what’s behind the oil’s unique aromatic qualities, healing properties, and medicinal versatility. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get down to the different ways you can make practical use of Tea Tree oil in your life. As you read further, you’ll find out you can basically use it in all areas of your life: for your household, your skin and beauty regimen, and most importantly for your health.

What Are the Best Household Uses for Tea Tree Oil? 

The real question is, “What can’t you use Tea Tree oil for in your home?” The terpenoids and other active ingredients that are included in genuine Tea Tree oil are: 

  • Antiseptic
  • Antifungal
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiviral
  • Anti-parasitic 

All of these properties have made Tea Tree oil a popular choice for home use for hundreds of years as everything from a natural insect repellent to a general immune system booster. 

Diffusing Tea Tree oil throughout your home will generally keep mosquitoes, ants, and other household pests away -- without exposing your family to harsh chemical toxins. Insects tend to dislike Tea Tree oil, so you can create a defensive barrier to your home by pouring a few oil drops around any entry points you’ve spotted that the pests are using.

Adding Tea Tree oil to a spray bottle filled with water to wash your kitchen cupboards will also destroy any scent trails that ant “scouts” have left behind, if they’ve already been in your kitchen, as well as to kill any germs that might be lurking on your countertops, kitchen table, and bathroom surfaces.

You can also use it as a natural method to decontaminate baby toys and highchairs or car seats. Add a few drops to your dishwasher dispenser or dish soap before you wash the dishes, and you have yet another way of keeping away bacteria and germs from your family! 

Tea Tree oil can even be used to get rid of moldy, mildewy, or musty smells in laundry, curtains and other materials. If you put a few drops of the oil in with each load of your laundry, it will both disinfect the laundry and help rid your clothes and towels of any odors -- which is particularly important if you have growing, active children in your household. 

For the best results, consider using several drops of Tea Tree oil in your favorite diffuser on a regular basis in your home. If someone is sick and you’re fighting viral infections in the household -- or it’s just generally cold and flu season in your area -- it makes a lot of sense to keep Tea Tree oil going in your diffuser.

We highly recommend a nebulizing diffuser that makes use of both nanotechnology and cold air pressure to get the best results. Nanotechnology helps break the oil down into ultra-fine particles for the most complete distribution throughout your home -- rather than allowing the oil to mix with heavy water particles and simply wind up falling onto the surfaces in your home where it may smell nice, but won’t have any therapeutic value.

USDA Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil - Essentials Oils - Herba Terra Organics

How Can You Use Tea Tree Oil for Skin Care? 

Those wonderful antiseptic and antibacterial benefits of Tea Tree oil also make it perfect for your skin care routines and cosmetic purposes. While Tea Tree oil isn’t meant to be ingested, it’s very safe to be used directly on skin without having to dilute it unlike the case of most essential oils. (Naturally, you should always test a small area of skin first to make sure that you don’t have any kind of allergic reaction to it; while rare, allergic reactions do happen.) 

Many people suffer from acne at some point in their lives due to stress, poor diets, lifestyle issues, and hormonal changes. However, acne can’t take over your skin if you use Tea Tree oil to control the bacteria that causes breakouts. Unlike mass market acne creams, Tea Tree oil is an all-natural remedy, and it is gentle enough to be applied directly to your skin. If dry skin is a problem, however, you can counteract the redness and flakiness that comes with it by mixing a few drops of the Tea Tree oil into sweet almond or jojoba oil and massaging it into dry areas. 

Similarly, adding Tea Tree oil to your shampoo or massaging it into your scalp not only has the benefit of controlling dry scalp and dandruff flakes, but it can also help stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation in follicular cells. Used just once a week, the oil can help your hair grow better and stay healthier -- without the use of harsh chemicals. 

Tea Tree oil can also help with more serious skin conditions, as well. Psoriasis and eczema sufferers alike can find relief from itchy, scaly patches by using this oil. Simply massage the oil directly into affected areas, or add a few drops of Tea Tree oil into your carrier oil to allow this oil to balance the overall immune system. 

Tea Tree’s broad antiviral power makes it ideal for controlling plantar warts, which are caused by several different viral infections that can inhabit the top layer of your skin. That’s also the reason that the oil works on troublesome cold sores. Its antifungal properties make it perfect for application directly on nail fungus; regular users can even get rid of stubborn toenail fungus that often defeats over-the-counter remedies they’ve been trying for years on end with no results. 

Finally, Tea Tree has some wonderful uses if you’re an outdoorsy person but still hate dealing with mosquitoes and other bugs. We already mentioned that it’s phenomenal at keeping insects away, in general, but if you forget to apply it as an insect repellent you can always apply it onto troublesome bites to take away the itch and help them heal!

How Can You Use Tea Tree Oil to Improve Your Overall Health and Well-being? 

Aside from the overall benefits of protecting you and your family from germs and viruses, Tea Tree oil has been shown to have some very specific medicinal uses, particularly helpful if you’re suffering from respiratory infections or problems. 

Tea Tree is part of the myrtle family -- along with eucalyptus -- and, likewise, has amazing beneficial effects for almost anyone suffering from colds, flu, allergies, and breathing problems. A few drops at night in a  nebulizing diffuser or some time spent with the head covered with a towel over a pot and breathing in the Tea Tree oil-enhanced vapors can bring huge relief to asthmatics, allergy sufferers, and people with bronchial congestions alike. You can also quickly clear up a nagging cough or sinus infection the same way. To keep allergies completely under control, it helps to regularly massage the oil directly into your chest, abdomen, and the reflex points of your feet. 

Sore muscles and general body aches can also be greatly eased if you simply add a few drops of Tea Tree oil to warm bath water and let the oil work on stimulating your body’s natural healing response. That’s also a helpful method for dealing with bladder and vaginal infections, particularly because of the oil’s antifungal products. Yeast, a common fungus in the human body often tends to get out of control, especially in women, thanks to imbalances in the modern diet, lifestyle, and hormone shifts. 

Used properly, Tea Tree oil can be a fantastic remedy for people who are suffering from chronic dental problems like bad breath -- especially when combined with gum disease. While you should never swallow the oil or use it internally, adding a drop of Tea Tree oil to purified water in combination with a drop of peppermint oil can create the perfect all-natural mouthwash that will keep all the bad bacteria away, which is the best solution to replace the commercially sold mouthwashes laded with chemicals. 

And, of course, it would be remiss not to remind you about the general antiseptic properties Tea Tree oil has. Its ability to fight infections of all sorts, viral or bacterial, make it an ideal choice for treating abrasions, minor burns, wounds and cuts, and staph infections.

To Conclude- How Awesome Is Tea Tree Oil, Really? 

It’s amazing how many benefits you can get from this oil- isn’t it?! Tea Tree really is a one-of-a-kind oil with all its numerous health properties and capabilities! There isn’t any other oil that can have as many uses as this miracle-in-a-bottle oil. 

Hopefully, this has given you some good information and inspired you to find out more about this underrated essential oil. Just keep in mind that there are many “imposter oils” posing as Tea Tree oil that don’t carry the same benefits as the real thing. In fact, the only real Tea Tree oil is native to Australia and carries a chemically unique composition. 

If you aren’t buying Tea Tree oil that comes from Australia, you aren’t buying the most potent version-- and you won’t get the same fantastic results with a cheap imitation product! Don’t be afraid to ask for a company’s certificate proving that their Tea Tree oil meets the compliance standards for the industry in order to make sure that you’re getting the real thing. 

Be sure to check our website for Tea Tree oil and more information about its benefits and uses, along with with our vast collection of USDA Certified Organic essential oils that are available. 

If you’re not convinced yet that you should incorporate this miracle-in-a-bottle oil in your daily life, we compiled a practical 15-page guide for you – Tea Tree Oil- 87 Benefits and Uses - organized by categories with detailed instructions and ratios on how to use it specifically for various ailments-now you have no excuses! Enjoy it and feel free to share it with all your friends and loved ones because sharing is caring.
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