Organic French Lavender Essential Oil health benefits for sleep, stress, lowering blood pressure

I Bet You Had No Idea Lavender Could Do THIS…

It is well known that lavender can induce relaxation and treat bug bites, burns and muscle spasms. But what hardly anyone knows is the findings from recent studies that suggest lavender can do so much more. And the “so much more” is the sole reason I'm writing this post.

You see, in three recent clinical trials, lavender was used to treat anxiety disorders and depression. It has also been used to calm patients with dementia and Alzheimer. (1)

What the researchers found was that lavender helped improve the associated symptoms of such disorders, these including restlessness, disturbed sleep and anxiety symptoms. Overall, they noted lavender had a beneficial influence on the participants’ general well-being and quality of life.  (1), (2), (3), (4)

You should also know that lavender has been reported to be useful in the treatment of acute as well as chronic or intractable pain. Studies show that using lavender essential oil in the foot massage of 100 ICU patients, all of whom 50% were receiving artificial ventilation, was effective in lowering blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, wakefulness, and pain. (1)

Now, for the kicker that may really surprise you:

Another study revealed how the use of lavender aromas (four drops of oil were applied to a diffuser pad) can elevate mood, or at least help to maintain a good mood. Researchers uncovered these results after participants underwent a challenging battery of laboratory tests.

Here’s what all this means:

If you only use one essential oil, lavender is a good choice. It’s one of the most versatile of all essential oils and when you combine it with the benefits of organic oils – it works! Check out our high-altitude, genuine Certified Organic Lavender from France, which is one of the finest quality you could find.

Let us know if you’ve tried it.


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