usda organic lavender for Insomnia and stress

Do You Suffer from Stress or Insomnia? Use this 2-minute Hack

I know that even the healthiest of us have had trouble sleeping or staying asleep at least a few times in their lifetime for various reasons.

In case you didn't know I have good news- aromatherapy can help you with this problem in a very natural way. The most effective way is to diffuse essential oils with a nebulizer device which are the most efficient at giving you the maximum benefits from essential oils. If you never heard about nebulizers and how they work, you can check our Nebulizer description on our website, which will explain in detail how it works. 

So if you are familiar with nebulizers, you probably want to know what’s the best way to set it up for improving your sleep.

Here’s a formula that’s been tested by our company as well as by some of our clients:

Use chamomile or lavender oil please make sure you use the best quality without impurities to ensure these oils will work their magic. Put a minimum of 5 ml of oil, if you plan to run the nebulizer for 4 hours maximum, for best results diffuser the oil at least 2 hours in your bedroom with the door shut before you sleep to ensure the room is filled with the oil aroma. As you know, our nebulizer uses 1 ml of oil per hour when running at base setting, which is the green Aroma button.

  •      Set up the diffuser to a higher setting 2 hours before you go to bed, and then to the lowest setting right before you get in bed and turn off the light.
  •      When you adjust the nebulizer to a lower setting, make sure you put the interval 30/120 seconds and a timer.
  •      Regarding the timer, if you’re new to aromatherapy and haven’t used essential oils before, it’s wise to start slow with a lower dosage to avoid intoxication or a sensitive/possible allergic reaction. After you set up the density to the lowest volume and then the interval to 30/120 seconds- in this order, press the timer button for 4 or 8 hours.

Your nebulizer will shut off automatically after those 4 hours, and you should be fallen asleep long before that. So if you own our nebulizer, all it takes to set yourself up for a good night sleep is 2 minutes or less- is that simple. Let us know if you try this. Sweet dreams!

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