Daily Essential Oils Kit: Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree

Daily Essential Oils Kit

Discover the art of aromatherapy with our easy-to-use trio of our most popular essential oils. For detailed information on each specific oil, please click on the link for each oil below.

This bundle contains:

1 bottle of Frech Lavender essential oil (10 ml)

1 bottle of Peppermint  essential oil (30 ml)

1 bottle of Tea Tree essential oil (30 ml)

Frech Lavender - refreshing and floral. Helps to soothe the skin, but especially the mind. Given the stress pandemic and anxiety in our modern world today, it becomes imperative to calm and relax the mind every day in order to maintain overall health and well being to live as stress-free as possible. A healthy body starts with a healthy, happy mind. Excellent aid for stress, sleeping, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. 

Peppermint - refreshing and revitalizing. Helps to clear the mind and focus when you need to study or work; it soothes the body, especially after physical exercise. Perfect for massage and for diffusing, great for congestion. Also perfect for when you travel.

Tea Tree - herbaceous and clean smelling. Well known as the “medicine in a bottle” Tea Tree oil is recognized for its numerous benefits for hundreds of years. If there’s one essential oil each household should have, then Tea Tree oil is the best because is the most versatile oils and it can be used directly on the skin because it’s not as irritating as other oils. It’s a powerful aid to boost and maintain a healthy immune system and a powerful antimicrobial and antiviral agent against numerous infections, flu & colds, allergies, etc. A must-have for when you travel as well. Find out how you can use this powerful oil in our FREE "Tea Tree Oil- 87 Uses and Benefits" e-guide. 

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