Essential Oil Blend for Muscle Pain and Relaxation

Blend Recipe: Muscle Massage Bundle

Sometimes exercising or even simply conquering daily errands could be quite demanding on the body which can cause stiff muscles and sore joints. Standing for extended periods of time at work or at home while cooking can cause these less than savory symptoms. When that someone you love starts complaining of pain, give him or her a Muscle Massage with this scented balm. 

This bundle contains:

1 bottle of Siberian Fir essential oil (30ml)

1 bottle of Gingergrass essential oil (30 ml)

1 bottle of Patchouli essential oil (30 ml)

Each of our essential oils is sustainably sourced and USDA  Certified organic, 100% pure, undiluted which give you maximum potency and benefits with every drop. 

Suggested Blend:

Fir -10 drops 

Gingergrass- 2 drops

Patchouli- 5 drops

Mix these oils with a carrier oil of your choice such as coconut, almond, or jojoba oil according to this chart and massage into the skin. Buy it here


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