Blend Recipe- Christmas "Candle"

Blend Recipe- Christmas "Candle"

Get that perfect Christmas candle scent without the toxic chemicals found in commercial candles sold in stores.

Suggested Blend:

Orange- 40 drops
Geranium- 10 drops

Cinnamon- 10 drops

 Mix these oils together in a bottle, shake well and diffuse in your nebulizer undiluted for a burst of delightful aromas.  If you use a diffuser instead, just divide all quantities by 10 (For example, if the recipe calls for 10 drops use just 1 drop, and if 20 drops just use 2 drops, and so on).

For maximum effect and for a lasting aroma, we highly recommend diffusing them in a nebulizer for its capacity to distribute a stronger scent, which is long lasting and in a fraction of the time.

If you don’t have a nebulizer, you can at least put these in a spray bottle mixed with water (as a home spray) or use diffusing sticks to spread that holiday cheer throughout the house! For all the details of this recipe click below.

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