Essential Oil Blend Recipe for Fatigue and Exhaustion

Blend Recipe- Burnout Reviver

Today we live very busy lives, and between errands, work, and family obligations it’s easy to experience burnout at any given time during the year. If your energy is depleted, it’s vital to build up your energy “tank” to avoid exhaustion. To revive yourself at any time, use the following recipe to diffuse this blend in your nebulizer, or in the bath (4- 6 drops of each). A foot bath is extremely effective- use 2-3 drops of each, or make a body rub using 5 drops of this blend mixture for each 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil.
Suggested Blend

                             Lavender - 50 drops

                               Eucalyptus - 80 drops

                              Grapefruit -70 drops

                               Rosemary - 40 drops

Mix these oils together in a bottle, shake well and diffuse in your nebulizer undiluted for a burst of delightful aromas.  If you use a diffuser instead, just divide all quantities by 10 (For example, if the recipe calls for 10 drops use just 1 drop, and if 20 drops just use 2 drops, and so on).

For maximum effect and for a lasting aroma, we highly recommend diffusing them in a nebulizer for its capacity to distribute a stronger scent, which is long lasting and in a fraction of the time.

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