5 DIY Essential Oil Recipes for Glowing Skin

5 DIY Essential Oil Recipes for Glowing Skin

It's summer again, and that means we get to spend more time outdoors. Splashing around in the pool or riding through the waves as they crash into the shore at the beach, hiking around to see some sights, or just laying out with a glass of something fruity are just a few some of the many ways we enjoy spending our summers.

Summer means sun, which, whether we want to admit it or not, can lead to sunburn and inflamed or irritated skin. And, although we look forward to Summer, the season's hot weather can, unfortunately, throw up many impediments to keep us from looking our best! It can feel like a real effort at times to keep our hair and skin balanced when confronted with challenges such as humidity, heat, air conditioning, chlorine, sand, and sea.

Below are some simple recipes with essential oils that will help keep your hair and skin looking and feeling its best, even during the hot and humid summer days!

No More Frizz Hair Mask

Our hair can suffer in the warm weather with challenges ranging from dry, split ends to an oily scalp, frizziness, and problems with color and volume! You can try this DIY anti-frizz spray with Geranium essential oil and argan oil. It will leave your hair silky smooth, plus it's super quick and easy to make!

Create a hair serum to tame your frizzy curls! 



Pour an equal amount of Jojoba and Argan oil into a 30 ml dropper bottle with a pipette and add 5 drops of Geranium essential oil.

Administer a tiny bit to your hands and run through the ends of your hair as needed.


Summer DIY Cooling Spray

Instead of hiding out inside next to the A/C unit during the summer months, just whip up a quick batch of this DIY grapefruit mist. It's super simple, quick, and easy to make, and it only contains 3 natural ingredients that are good for your skin!



  1. Pour 2 Tbsp. water into a small 2 oz. spray bottle.
  2. Mix 2 Tbsp. of witch hazel with 4 drops of both Basil and Grapefruit essential oils together, then add the mix to the water.
  3. Screw on the lid and shake well to combine. Spray this heavenly scented mist all over your face and body.

DIY Sunburn Gel 

diy sunburgn aloe vera gel with tea tree oil

One way to keep on top of your skin health during the warmer months is to be mindful after a day out and moisturize with a natural after sun to help your skin recover and prevent your skin from becoming dry or inflamed.

You can easily create your own after sun at home with just a few simple ingredients. 



Mix a couple of drops of oil into a tub full of aloe vera gel, combine well, and voila!

You can apply the aftersun generously in the evening before going to bed,  it brings a cooling sensation that will leave your skin looking and feeling great by morning! 

TIP: This can also be used as a gentle sanitizer as both the aloe vera is anti-microbial, while Tea tree oil is antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiseptic-all 4 in one. Just add more tea tree oil drops into the mix, to make a more potent sanitizer. Unlike the alcohol-based sanitizer, this one will leave your skin and hands very soft and protected. 


Affordable Detoxing Face Mask

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on store bought cosmetic masks, which may not even work, when instead you can use 100% natural ingredients for better results. Beautiful skin start with clean, healthy skin, so make sure to use a mask on a weekly basis especially in the hoter months to purge your skin of build up make up, toxins, dust, polen and other pollutants. This recipe is not only good for your skin and your pocket, it’s also good for the planet. You only need 3 ingredients- you can’t get any cheaper or simpler than that!! 


  • ¼ tsp bentonite clay powder
  • ¼ tsp honey
  • 1 drop Organic Juniper Essential Oil (this is optional, if you don’t like this oil, you can use other oils  that are great for skin such as: Sandalwood, Helichrysum, Frakincense, Myrrh, Geranium, Clary Sage, Ylang or Tea Tree Oil). All these oils are great for all skin types. 


  1. Combine all ingredients together with a plastic or wood spoon (don’t stir ingredients with metal spoon or use metal jar) and mix with enough water to make a  thick “clay” mixture, but be careful not to add too much water. 
  2. Apply this mask to your face avoiding the eyes area for about 10 minutes or until you feel the mask is dry and your skin starts to feel tight. 
  3. Remove it with warm water and then apply your daily moisturizer as usual. 

Bentonite clay has the power to draw dirt from pores by absorbing toxins, drawing out blackheads, and killing acne-causing bacteria. Juniper oil si also a powerful detoxing agent, and when combined with bentonite clay it helps the skin purge even more toxins. You can use this mask every week for a deep facial deep cleansing. Enjoy your clean, radiant skin! 

Facial Toner

Essential oil dilutions make great facial sprays—your skin type though kind of dictates what oil you should use. Bay Laurel essential oil is suitable for normal to acne-prone skin.

If you can't find floral water, you can still make your own DIY toning spray. 



  1. Simply combine the glycerin or aloe vera gel with the water. 
  2. Then proceed to add the Tea Tree and Bay Laurel essential oils into the mix. 
  3. Shake the mixture well, and enjoy it! 

This toner is great during the summer months because it can also be used as a facial mist!

Always choose USDA Organic oils to avoid the artificial fertilizers & pesticides sprayed on all non-organic crops; otherwise, you’re defeating their effectiveness on getting clean, healthy skin.

Have you got any other DIY recipes for summer hair with essential oils? Let us know in the comments section below, we’d love to hear them!


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