Herba Terra Nebulizer Limited Product Warranty

The 1-year limited warranty offered by our company covers defects in materials and workmanship in your Herba Terra diffuser for a period of one (1) year from the date of your original purchase from the Company (“Limited Warranty Period”). During the Limited Warranty Period, your exclusive remedy, and the Company’s sole obligation, in the event of any warranty claim shall be for the Company to repair, replace or pay you the reasonable cost of repairing/ replacing the defective Diffuser Product. The Company’s total liability under this limited warranty is limited to the purchase price of the defective Diffuser Product. Customers are responsible for the shipping cost of the unit to the Company, and the Company will pay for the return of the unit back to customers after the repair or replacement has been completed. Company doesn't cover any shipping costs for customers located outside US domestic territories  including those in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the other U.S. territories such as APO/FPO/DPO addresses. 

If you discover a covered defect in your diffuser before the 1-year warranty period expires, you must notify the Company in writing within a reasonable amount of time by sending us a message on our CONTACT page for assistance.

If defective, we will repair or replace your Herba Terra device. Customer Care will contact you and keep you updated on the progress of repairs and return shipments. If we confirm a defect covered by this limited warranty, we will take one of the following actions: (i) replace your Herba Terra diffuser with either a new or a refurbished Herba Terra diffuser that is the same to the device you purchased; or (ii) repair your Herba Terra diffuser using either new or refurbished parts at our company's discretion.

If we find that the defect in your Herba Terra device is not covered under this limited warranty, we will notify you about the service alternatives that are available on a fee basis. If we find that your Herba Terra device is not defective, we will notify you and return your diffuser to you. All Limited Warranty services must be authorized and performed by Herba Terra Organics or a service provider authorized by Company.

This limited warranty does not cover damage, defects, or failure caused by abuse or misuse; accident, neglect such as improper care such as clogging, deterioration or malfunction resulting from any alteration, impact or insertion of foreign objects; improper packing and shipping, improper storage; improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repair; application of harmful chemicals, abrasives; excessive exposure to moisture, fire, or water, lightning, or other acts of God; negligence, failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions, loss of the Herba Terra diffuser, normal wear and tear, alteration, overuse, professional use, or commercial use.

This limited warranty further does not cover any physical damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from (i) any unauthorized tampering with the Diffuser Products, (ii) any negligence, improper action or inaction, or willful or malicious acts by any party other than the Company, (iii) any repairs or dis-assemble attempted by anyone unauthorized by the Company to make such repairs, and/or (iv) any other cause which does not relate directly to a defect in materials and/or workmanship of the Diffuser Products. Only the original customer/owner is covered under this limited warranty and this limited warranty is not transferable to any subsequent purchaser(s) or owner(s) of the Diffuser Products. The limited warranty begins on the date of purchase and expires one year later. The warranty period is not tolled or extended for any period during which the Herba Terra device (or any parts thereof) is in repair, or if they are replaced by Herba Terra during the warranty period. Any claim for breach of this limited warranty must be commenced by within twelve (12) months following the original purchase of the Herba Terra diffuser.

For any additional questions please send us an email on our CONTACT page or by phone at 757 204 5594 Monday- Friday, 10 am- 5 pm EST for assistance.