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Firewood Magic Collection

Firewood Magic Collection

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These 3 aromatic essential oil treasures are well-known for their therapeutic effect on the brain as they are incredibly useful for healing, relaxation, aphrodisiac effects, easing tension, balancing hormone levels, reducing pain and inflammation, and fighting infection. These particular oils send messages to the brain’s limbic system which affects the rest of the nervous system contributing to your overall well-being.

This recipe is to be used on a wood fireplace, and not with a nebulizer (nonetheless, during the cold season it's been one of our BEST SELLERS year after year). You only need one drop of essential oil per log, which is enough to provide an aromatic boost for that sought-after cozy ambiance, especially during the cold winter months. Bay oil smells like a fresh Christmas tree, while the sacred Frankincense and Patchouli bring rich and warm notes to any space. 

These 3 wintry aromatic oil essences will bring in the warmth of precious exotic woods that are sure to delight your senses and make your surroundings feel cozier and luxurious:

Frankincense Bay Laurel Patchouli

You can pour a drop or more of any of these essential oils directly on the wood log, or mix it up with any of the other oils mentioned above.

TIP: Be sure to add the oil drops to the logs a few hours, one hour at minimum, before turning on the fireplace to allow the oils to be soaked into the wood logs. This will also increase the scent intensity of these precious oils into the air and prevent the oils to cause flames or burn when you turn on the fire. ( If you don't have a fireplace you can still use these oils in a nebulizer by mixing 5 drops of Frankincense  + 40 drops of Bay + 20 drops of Patchouli oil together.)

This Collection contains:

3 bottles of Frankincense essential oil (10 ml)

1 bottle of Bay Laurel essential oil (30 ml)

1 bottle of Patchouli essential oil (30 ml)


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Make the most of this essential oil with our powerful cold air nebulizer. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and enjoy the spa-like energy, at home.